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Hi, I am Lance John

I am a Developer

I specialize in web, mobile and software development and maintenance. Here you will get to know a little about me and view some of my works too. Don’t forget to enjoy the ‘Games’ section as well.

About Me

I enjoy developing great digital products by crunching away at the keyboard with cups of coffee close by, keeping a watchful, yet sneering eye at my deadlines.

My skillset and experience ranges from website design/development to mobile application development as well as standalone software development.

My Skillset

Web development

From start to finish, a beautiful website. See my Portfolio.

Mobile Applications

Experience in mobile application development.

Software Development

Developing standalone applications that expand your production.

Experience Meets Expertise

Today’s digital world requires that one be skilled and knowledgeable in various technologies. Let me worry about that while I take care of your projects. With years of development experience, and an appetite for learning new technologies, I am eager to assist you in your projects.

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