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Check out the cool projects.

Hi there! I’m a dreamer by day, aspiring coder by night, and this is my website. I live in South Africa and I have a great mountain bike named Jack. Sometimes I like to pretend I have superpowers too. (And I’m a coffee addict as well.)

…Okay, now that you know my secret identity, find out more:

Check out some of the projects created.

Bootstrap Projects

A simple one-page HTML Log-in Site (developed with SASS) that uses the bootstrap layout. Follow the link to access it:

Here is an Admin site created using Bootstrap again. It does not have the backend to it, but the front-end functionality works. Click on the link to access it:

Foundation Project

Below you will find a link to an example of a Foundation based dummy-website created to showcase its functionality. If you are familiar with Bootstrap, you will find that some of its features are similar to this framework. Click on the link:

Materialize Project

I created a photography projects website using HTML, Materialize and jQuery for implementation of the site’s functions. This project gave me a great UI and UX experience that I would be using in future sites. The Materialize layout and scrolling functions are quite beautiful. Click on the site’s top-bar navigation links, scroll down the site, click on the images under the portfolio section and try out the date-picker. Materialize rocks! Oh, and please be a bit patient to allow the site’s images to load. Here is the link to the site:

HTML & Javascript Projects

A nice General Knowledge Quiz Game created using Javascript. It works on the DOM and uses a JSON trivia API that connects to the Open Trivia Database. Check it out here:

I started to work more with API’s and decided to go with the Youtube API using Javascript, and since it was not shrouded in much mystery in its setup and usage. The following link takes you to a simple Youtube API project page where you could search certain topics and the results would be provided in a table-format with a video title and links to it. A simpler way at times to find videos without having to get too distracted by Ads and other videos. Here is the link:

Here is a general HTML website created from scratch with a little bit of Javascript in it. No libraries were used in this project. Follow this link:

PHP Projects

A simple PHP based website created for pizza-lovers. The website has a backend to it where I used MySQL and phpMyAdmin to create the database and tables. You can add your own pizza as well as delete it too. It has full CRUD functionality. Have fun with it:

PHP Contacts Crud site

I created a CRUD PHP site for inserting contacts and being able to view those from the database too. You can insert your own contacts and test the functionality of the site. Here is the link:

Laravel Projects

Projects available on request

C# Applications

Easy Guessing Game

I am super excited to release a taste of C# applications. This particular application is a number guessing game that was created in Visual Studio. It allows for basic input validation from users as well. I will be releasing more applications soon. You will find the link to the executable file below. All you have to do is double click the file and it will show up in your windows Command Prompt console. I unfortunately did not create it with MacOS compatibility as yet. Here’s the link to download it:

ASP.NET Projects

Employee CRUD API web app

This is a CRUD API Application for keeping a record of employees and their company identification and salaries. It can be updated and deleted and more employees can be added to it. The data is stored in a MS SQL database and managed via the MS SQL Server Management Studio. Here are a few screenshots of the project:

Python & Django Apps

Projects coming soon!

Web and Mobile Apps:

A Progressive Web app project

A basic recipe progressive web app that can allow users to submit recipes and delete them. This project took some effort to understand how serviceworkers operate, but it was a fun experience nonetheless. The app runs on a NoSQL database with offline capabilities for better user experience. Check it out and download it on your device:

React Web App

This project is based on a blog-tracking system that managers could use to track the progress of posts created and completed. I may have grown a few grey hairs working on this project to gain a better understanding of React. The project makes use of redux for its state management and a NoSQL database for allowing users to log in and create posts.

From the very beginning of starting this project, I had encountered numerous problems. I had done more debugging with this project than the others I have done so far. I discovered how some dependencies affected the deployment of a React project (mostly Webpack) – honestly, I think React can be tricky at times.

Go ahead and check out the link below to the project and signup to explore it:

React Native Apps

Shopping App Front-end

This is the front-end shopping section of an app that has no functionality in it other than a scrolling function to it. It was designed to be used in a larger app that I am working on. I needed the look of an e-commerce app and this design worked for me. Have a look at it below: Please wait for the preview to load. You can test the app on the right side with different operating systems below the preview.

Photography Bio App

This app is just the front-end of the app which does not have functionality in it as yet. This is more of a UI exercise with scrolling functionality to determine how the app looks and feels on Android and iOS. You can test the app below. Please wait for the preview to load. You can test the app on the right side with different operating systems below the preview.

Angular App

I created an angular project that operates on the CRUD principle. It is connected to a NoSQL database that allows you to do the above functions on the app. This process skips the need for creating a few backend operations such as an API that would end up working with a MongoDB database and having to go through Postman for creation and checking, even though I have created one of these projects too. The advantages of the one I created here means less coding and work for similar operations. The app provides an easy process of keeping track of employees. Go ahead and check it out here:

Android Native App

I created a basic android stopwatch application to test UI features, Java code concepts and more as a means to develop better apps. Even though the app is a work-in-progress, it is fully functional. Go ahead and test it out on your device.

The link below will allow you to download the application through your android phone, however, you will have to change some settings to allow it to install onto your android device. Click on this link:

Motivation app!

Everyone needs a bit of motivation now and then, especially when friends are dark and days are few. Oops, it should be the other way around!

Jokes aside, I developed the app to work via a JSON file that fetches (reads) the JSON data and imports it into the view pager of the app. In short, there was volley implementation, fetching of the JSON data and the displaying of it.

It is a feel-good app that anybody could turn to now and then, or even daily for that much-needed inspiration. Here is the link to the app:

Flutter Mobile App

A quiz app

Flutter is an amazing framework that will surely outplay the others in the near future. This app that was created showcases beautiful Material UI designs and animations. The app contains a few basic questions that might not be too basic for some of us. It has an interactive response to it that allows the user to engage with it easily. I enjoyed the framework’s UX options for development. Download the app and see for yourself. Here is the link:

An API request app

This is another Flutter app that connects to an API to consume the Star Wars JSON data. The API in question is that was used. The app is very basic, using only one page to showcase the JSON data. A more technical app will be created soon. Here is the link to the android version of the app:

A Note-keeping App

This app is still in Beta mode. It is a note-keeping app that you can create notes for your daily activities. It is a CRUD based application. You can edit, delete and add notes to the app. It has options to allow you to choose the importance of a note as well and a basic-form validation to ensure you enter the right information. I enjoy the feel of this type of application made with Flutter. You can download the android version here: