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My Screenshots

Here is a list of screenshots taken while working on my projects.

WP Theme project

MySQL and WordPress installation while working on developing a new WP theme.

Apache Server/MySql install for WP project and adding tables to the database.

Vue js Projects

The first screenshots of a Vuejs app created using Atom (IDE). The syntax-highlighting for Vue files was not added at the time. This is a basic to-do app to work with Vue’s UI capabilities. The project was created using a Localhost port and developed in the Vue GUI site.

My recent Vue project was created using the Vue CLI with a NoSQL connection to Firebase for dynamic data updates.

React projects

Another React app created with CRUD functionality. You can see the app’s interactive list in the background. 

Here is a React To-Do List as shown. It only has two tabs to it, but the app is fully functional in adding and deleting to-dos/CRUD Functionality.

PWA project

A screenshot of the PWA App created as shown in my portfolio section. Here I was testing the app’s functionality via the Android Emulators. You can see Android Studio in the background. Check out the app by viewing it online or downloading it on your device: 

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